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Sara's one on one coaching program is designed to help you rebuild self confidence, self-love and, uncover your truest self to take action on your passions. 

The Empowered Self Accelerator is a 12 week mastermind group for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

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Self Guided courses available. 

Sara is passionate about public speaking and empowering men and women in her community.


Sara is a key note speaker as well as virtual workshop leader. 

Topics that Sara speaks on are Mindset shifting with Affirmations, Empowerment, and how to use your personal story to inspire others instead of as an excuse.

Sara is the creator and host of the Body Fit, Soul Lit Wellness Event. At this event we aspire to inspire the community to move their bodies and be active but also to be mindful and connect to self. 


We explore tools to help attendees be more mindful, incorporate more self care and personal development into their daily lives. 


With motivational and informational speakers, dance fitness and community we light up your souls and help you fill your cup. 


Sara is a life coach and online business mentor. Her background includes nursing, network marketing and coaching. 

Sara has a unique ability to empower others to reclaim their power. As a coach, public speaker and podcaster, Sara strives to reach more men and women, empowering them to overcome their past, transform and evolve into the highest version of themselves through affirmations, journaling, and self-reflection.